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The Economy: We are ready to import goods from new markets

The Ministry of Economy confirmed the existence of a ready plan to import goods, vegetables and fruits from new markets, explaining that it had agreed with the suppliers of these goods to deal with alternative markets, in the event of any emergency, changes, or natural disasters, according to Dr. Hashem Al-Nuaimi, Director of Competition Department. The Ministry of Consumer Protection, in press statements, yesterday. Al-Naimi said: “During its meeting with suppliers recently, the Ministry reviewed import markets, and stressed the provision of goods in large quantities in preparation for the month of Ramadan, and not to increase the prices of any commodity without written approval from the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection, and to submit a request to increase the price to the Supreme Committee through the Ministry Economy », and pointed to an increase in the stock of vegetables and fruits to 150 thousand tons this year, compared to 130 thousand tons, the average stock last year, an increase of 20 thousand tons. Al-Nuaimi demonstrated the use of the plan to substitute the source of the commodity, when India experienced a flood in previous years, and the flood led to the destruction of the onion crop, and India decided to prevent its export to provide for the needs of the local market. Great, stressing the ability of the Ministry, suppliers and the competent authorities to repeat the same experience, with any commodities that may be difficult to import from its source.


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